8 Wentworth Chambers was established in 1957. It is a traditional half floor comprising an innovative mix of Silk and Junior Counsel.

Members practise in the following areas: Appellate, Commercial Law, Equity/Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Common Law, Public/Administrative Law, Corporations, Contracts, Real Property, Wills and Probate, Insolvency, Building and Construction, Professional Negligence/Standards, Insurance, Work Health & Safety, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Inquests/Inquiries.

Details of each member’s specific areas of expertise are set out in the Barristers section of this website.

Our Clerk is available to assist anyone wishing to enquire about the availability of members.

Judicial Appointments
Members of 8 Wentworth Chambers appointed to Judicial Office include the following:
Currently Sitting Judges:
  • Justice Desmond J Fagan (NSW Supreme Court – Common Law Division)
  • Justice Geoffrey Lindsay (NSW Supreme Court – Equity Division)
  • Justice Julia Lonergan (NSW Supreme Court – Common Law Division); and
  • His Honour Judge John Hatzistergos – District Court NSW
Former Judges:
  • The Honourable Justice Gordon Samuels AO KC Judge of the New South Wales Court of Appeal, Former Governor of NSW
  • The Honourable Justice Norman Jenkyn (Supreme Court Judge)
  • Mr Justice Peter Wolstenholme Young AO KC (Chief Judge in Equity)
  • His Honour Judge BHK Donovan KC (District Court Judge)
  • His Honour Judge Paul Flannery KC (District Court Judge)
  • His Honour Judge Christopher James Geraghty (District Court Judge)
  • His Honour Judge Peter Evan Coleman KC (District Court Judge)
  • The Honourable Justice LDS Waddy KC (Family Court)
  • The Honourable Justice Brian Tamberlin (Federal Court of Australia)